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Nov 16, 2011

Burbank has everything from fine dining, five star restaurants, bars, a comedy club, and movie studios ranging from Disney to Warner Brothers, making it the media capitol of the world.  But one thing is missing from this main stage city, and it is a trend that dates back to ancient history and leads up to the modern day generations.  Burbank doesn’t have a tattoo shop!

Burbank may not allow ink within its boundaries, but one North Hollywood tattoo shop made sure it’s doors were as close as it could get.  Down the lovely Magnolia Blvd., just a couple of blocks past the Burbank border, lies Madison Tattoo Shoppe, owned by the famous and beautiful, Madison Stone.  Stone and her business partner Dave Grinds opened up the shop five years ago.  “I would’ve put it in Burbank because I love Burbank, live there, play there, and appreciate it there,” says Stone.  “So I’m as close as you can get.”

While the yoga studio is next door, some have mistakenly walked into Madison’s shop ready to workout due to its calm nature and Japanese art and stylistic choices.  Gorgeous artwork lines the earth green walls, colored lanterns hang from the ceiling, and the entire shop breathes peace and tranquility.  “I am inspired by daily life great people, beautiful art, food that makes you make a sound once its in your mouth…the Great Wall of China, and how the Japanese get married in red dresses,” says Stone, whose personal illuminations reflect the shops style.

Madison Tattoo Shoppe has always been about good people, good karma, and good times.  The spacious interior and allows for family and friends of the customers getting tattooed to enjoy comfortable sitting next to the artist working, a pool table, and an outside patio with seating and greenery.  Stone plans on expanding the shop by adding the location next door and giving her shop even more space than it already has.

Each artist is known for their respectful personalities and unique characteristics.  Upon entering the lobby, you can view each artist’s portfolio and choose a style that is just right for you.  While Madison is the only female artist in the shop, all the men are welcoming, accommodating, and thrilled to tattoo each and every customer.  Don’t be surprised to be greeted with an array of smiling hellos when entering. No matter what you are looking for, Madison Tattoo shop has it all: Black and grey, color, new school, old school, traditional and neo-traditional Japanese, as well as cosmetic tattooing and scar coverage.

Owner and tattoo artist, Madison Stone, received her first tattoo after moving to London straight out of high school in which she lived in a flat with four tattooed boys from Northern Ireland.  “They were completely covered in tattoos and I could barely understand a word they said.  I was completely intrigued,” adds Stone.  “I immediately went and got tattooed in Camden Market by a guy named ‘Bugs’…I found it to be a great avenue of self expression for me.”

When Madison moved to Los Angeles, she began apprenticing to pierce and is now highly regarded as a Master Piercer with an actual piercing named after her.  The Madison piercing goes through the skin at the front of the neck using a surface bar or flexible barbell style jewelry. When she first began tattooing, the ink world was stereotypically dominated by men. “I was looked down upon, talked down to.  People didn’t think a woman could have the ability to be tough enough, take care of business, and live the life,” says Stone.  Thirteen years later, Madison now owns her own shop and is an inspiration to female tattoo artists and business owners everywhere.

Location: 10500 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood, CA, 91601
Hours: Daily 11am-9pm
Phone: 818-760-0127


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Anonymous said...

Her tattooing is absolute shit and it should be illegal to let just anyone have a tattoo shop. I mean, has anyone looked at her work before writing this article? She should be forced to put the tattoo gun down.

But then again, a lot of people might want cheap shitty tattoos from an ex-porn chick.