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Crafting Garage Sale at Once Upon A Page

Nov 14, 2011

Once Upon A Page, Burbank’s scrapbook and paper supply store, always has something going on.  From beginner’s classes, to holiday crafts, to staying open late every Friday night allowing their die-hard scrappers to crop all night long. No matter what day or time, Once Upon A Page never sleeps, leaving their calendar looking like an intense chess game.

The store’s next upcoming event is their Customer In-Store Garage Sale which takes place a few times per year.  The November 26th sale will be their first one since their move from Burbank Blvd. to Magnolia Blvd. earlier this year.  Although the space is minimized, their spirit is not.  The store plans on moving racks and aisles to accommodate as many tables they can fit inside the scrapbook store.

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