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Audrey K’s Holiday Gift Guide

Oct 11, 2012

With the holidays hastily closing in, finding the right gifts can be ever so tricky.  You know what it feels like to get that annoying present that you will never use, and ends up being shoved in a drawer to be re-gifted for next season.  Don’t make yourself that person, or you’ll never be invited to another Christmas event again! 

Audrey K, a small store tucked away in the heart of Burbank, aka: the vintage capital of the world, has been working vigorously the last several months to incorporate a home and gifts section to her already eclectic yet retro boutique.  Owner Audrey, has curated a mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home accents to create a compendium of amazing finds that she not only buys for her store but also owns, uses, or wears in her day to day life.

Like walking into a mini Anthropologie, Audrey’s tres chic shop, is filled with an array of vintage inspired trinkets, feminine dresses and aprons that should only be worn with stilettos. Not to mention the wall of quirky and poignant gifts that are both affordable and always intended to delight. While Oprah and Gayle have their favorite picks, Audrey has her own favorite products that she recommends for all the ladies (and some gents) on your gift list this year, including yourself.

Here’s a list of 16 of Audrey’s favorite things in the store, half of which are only under $15!

Audrey’s Favorite Picks:

1. Mine Design Metal Gumball Candle in Wild Persimmon $21.50 One part color, one part scent, a whole lot of fun!

2. PanAm Bags $65-$85 Now you too can rock the skies like your favorite 1960s Jet Age stewardesses.

3.  Tokyo Milk Perfume in Dead Sexy #6 $30  This perfume invigorates the senses with deep vanilla notes and touched with white orchids.

4.  Besame Lip Color in Red Hot Red $22:  Nothing is more reminiscent of the 1940s like this classic all American red lipstick

5.  Outrageous and bitingly witty books $9.50-$24 Including Boo: Little Dog in the Big City, Photobooth Dogs, Fortune Telling Birthday Book and How to Swear Around the World.

6.  Aprons $29.95-$59.95  Whether you’re in the half apron or the full apron, nothing will make you feel sexier making Holiday Ham than these feminine beauties.

7.  Bottari Wallets $39.95 This double sided zip up wallet can fit your entire world and still look good doing it.

8.  Fringe Studio Glassware $29.95-59.95 Adorned with classic motifs and vintage elements of nature, the Fringe rectangular vases are incredibly unique and wonderfully colorful.

Gifts Under $15

1. Greeting Cards: $3.25-$4.50  These not so Hallmark greeting cards not only say Happy Birthday, but they also scream you’re worth something unique and special!

2. Hipster Travel Tin Candles in Belgian Berry Hipster $11.50 Bring home a little whimsical fun with these nostalgic symbol prints tin candles.

3.  Scarves $11 Whether around your neck, up in your hair, or framing your waist, these light weight satin scarves come in an assortment of fun patterns and colors.

4. Voet Lingerie for your Toes $15 Never feel insecure about your pedi again! Just slip on some lace toe lingerie and even your heels will be blushing.

5. Felt Camera Cases $8.50 Cozy up your camera into this hand stitched hipster felt protective covering.

6.  Twos Company Skulls & Roses Stud Earrings $9.50 Hand painted sugar skull stud earrings with a splash of vibrant colors.

7.  Purse Sized Emery Boards $5.95 These tiny 12 packs of nail filers are the perfect size to stash in your purse and are labeled with hilariously sassy quotes like “Stop me before I volunteer again.”

8.  Pinup Girl Lip Balm $3.95 Made from all natural bee’s wax and coconut oil and infused with intriguing scents and vitamin E, this sassy lip balm will leave your lips as luscious as Grace Kelly’s. 

Whether you’re checking off recipients on your Christmas list, or just shopping for self fulfillment, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be saying “I have to have this!” more than once.
If you can imagine a place where nostalgic fashions meet retro art, then you’ve found yourself at the one and only Audrey K.

Located at 3414 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, Ca 91505

(818) 558-1733



Burbank Books & Antiques

Jun 9, 2012

There is something magical about the feeling of an old book lying open in your hands; the rough leather bookbinding dances across the textures of your fingertips as the musty aroma spills off the page and fills your nostrils, only to alarm you that what you are holding can only be that of an ancient book.   

 Today, with technology produced devices like the Nook and Kindle, we have forgotten what it is like to be in love with a book, not just for the miraculous words that hold it together, but for the history that the book lived, the distance traveled, and the hearts it warmed for so many years.

In Magnolia Park, a quaint shopping community in the heart of Burbank that prides itself on fine antiques and handmade art, a special little bookstore has sprouted, called Burbank Books & Antiques.  With 60% of indie bookstores closing across the nation in the past 6-7 years, Burbank is lucky for this brick and mortar store to call it home.  

 Owners, Adrian and Alice Danescu, opened the store front just a few weeks ago, but have been selling online for over 10 years.  With 35 years of experience, and being the third generation book seller, the couple has learned a lot about the trade during their younger years in Europe where they still go to shop.

Burbank Books specifically sells rare antique books dating back to the 16th century, over 4,000 contemporary first edition books from authors as well known as Anne Rice, Tom Clancy, and Stephen King, and a large collection of signed first edition books.  Come in and run your fingers over the spot where Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winner, Toni Morrison, signed her masterfully written novel, Sula.    

Not only collectors, but all book enthusiasts alike will find a signed first edition that catches their eye.  You can find everything from John Updike, Henry Miller, Nicholas Sparks, J.K. Rowling, Arthur Miller, and the Dalai Lama. 

Nothing comes closer to a time machine then when you’re standing in the store holding rare books and first editions by Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and John Milton.  But that’s not all!  Books are not even the half of it.  Linger through the store and enjoy handpicked art and antiques including tables dating back to the late 1800’s, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Americana, and Pop Culture.   

You don’t have to be a collector or appraiser to truly understand the complexity and raw beauty of the bronze sculptures and hand-painted porcelain picked out by Alice.

“We care for every item we have in the store, and some of them spent years in our home before being brought to the store,” says Adrian whose charming accent and cheerful character make you feel as if you were a guest in their home not in their store.  Come in for a book and you’ll be leaving with a story.

3429 W. Magnolia Blvd.
(818) 478-5019

Visit them on Facebook for more photos!


A World of Color

Apr 24, 2012

Magnolia Blvd. is full of art galleries, and handmade boutiques, but a new store has opened up on the strip, allowing the customer to now become the artist.

On February 28th, Silene Flores opened up A World of Color, a unique specialty store that allows people of all ages and artistic backgrounds to come in and get in touch with their creative side.  With an array of ceramics pieces to choose from, this new Burbank gem, is the go to place for a handmade gift for any occasion, whether you want to paint a piggy bank shaped like an airplane for a children’s birthday, or customize a platter as a house warming gift. 

“Every year since I was a little girl, my mom would put me in a class to learn something: wood, metal, crafts,” says Flores, who found her true passion in the art of ceramics. Although her love for the craft is evident, Flores is also a big fan of Burbank, and is very thankful to have opened a store in the city.

Even with no creative background, A World of Color makes everyone who walks through their doors feel like an artist.  In fact, they welcome any age, as long as they can hold a paintbrush.  The studio is very child friendly, with an assortment of fun items that kids will enjoy painting including dragons, motorcycles, mermaids, teddy bears, airplanes, sharks, and more!  Flores, who molds all of the ceramic pieces by hand in the store, adds new items to enjoy every week.

Once in the studio your first step is to choose your ceramic piece.  Now it’s time to fill your palette from their assorted rainbow of high quality paints.  Pick a few sized paintbrushes, maybe a stencil or two, and you’re ready to get to work.  Let’s not forget to mention the great prices! The studio fee is only $6 for adults and $3 for kids and all items range from just $7-20.  If you thought that was a good deal, just wait!  On Wednesdays, the studio fee for kids is waved, and not to mention Ladies Night Out.  Except A World of Color celebrates ladies EVERY Friday of the month with a waved studio fee as well.

A World of Color is excited to be a new venue for families and children of Burbank to go to, and is now striving to be a hot spot for children’s birthday parties, which you can choose to have at the store, or have the store come to you. “We noticed that the people that live here are very welcoming.  I love that and I want to thank everyone.   I hope people will come stop by the store and have fun painting with us,” adds Flores who is planning on putting together a summer kids camp and getting involved with the neighborhood.

A World of Color
3421 W. Magnolia Blvd.
(888) 551-3581


Burbank Woman Follows the American Dream

Jan 16, 2012

One local Burbank woman defies the odds after leaving a Fortune Top 20 company after ten years to follow the American dream and start her own business. Pamela Rondini, like a large percentage of women in professional careers, found herself consumed in a 100+ hour a week job leaving no time to start a family. Rondini, who held the title of Director of Operations in a pharmaceutical company, was the first woman and the youngest person ever to be hired in that position.

Although she had built up a successful career and made a huge leap for women in the workforce, it was the same job that began to slowly eat away at her health and social life. “I didn’t just clock out and go home to a family. My job was my life and it ran me 24/7; all hours of the night to the point that I had no clue who I was anymore,” says Rondini, who even says she worked all day in her hotel room while on a trip to Hawaii with her husband. “With the life I had built, having children was just not an option,” she adds.

After much consideration and an enormous amount of soul-searching, Rondini knew there was only one thing to do. A week after her last official day of work, Pamela hopped on a plane and met with her mother and a friend in Greece where she spent the next three weeks on a Mediterranean cruise. “For the first few days all I could do was sleep. There were so many thoughts going through my head it was hard to sort through them,” says Rondini. “I realized that I had no idea what I liked to do anymore. But what hurt the most is that I had neglected my mother and the people who loved me most of all for over ten years.”

On that three week trip in the warm waters of Greece and the historic ruins of Italy,

Rondini fell in love with life all over again. “I took over a thousand photos,” says Rondini. “I just couldn’t stop.” There in an ancient city, surrounded by handmade pottery, fine art, and the company of her adoring mother, Rondini discovered something she had no idea she was searching for. Pamela Rondini had found peace.

When she returned home, Rondini settled back down to her roots, finding things that brought her joy again and rediscovering elements of her life that had been lying dormant for so many years. “Crafts were always a part of my life,” says Rondini. “Since I was eight creating with my hands was a way to express myself and relieve stress.” So it was to no surprise that Pamela began experimenting with different handmade elements. “Soon I had a room full of colorful artificial flower arrangements. I couldn’t stop buying flowers,” says Rondini. “I wanted to surround myself with pretty things.”

In the beginning of 2011, an idea sparked in Pamela after hearing from multiple artisan friends that there were a lack of venues to sell their handmade art. Thus, Rose Ribbon Inc. was born. With the full support of her family, friends, and loving husband, Rondini grew her company from the ground up and immediately signed up for nine courses through Burbank’s Team Business. Now, almost a year later Rose Ribbon carries a handful of artists with handmade gifts ranging from photography, jewelry, crochet, home d├ęcor, wood design, burlap banners, and recycled paper gifts.

All artists are handpicked by Pamela, which allows for a diverse variety of items without being over saturated in a sea of sellers. Rose Ribbon focuses on highlighting each artist and works hard to promote their gifts on all of the leading social media websites. Rose Ribbon does not charge artists to post items on the site, which separates their online gift store from other artist vendor sites. “I want to do everything I can to help make them successful,” says Pamela who has created not only a venue for growing artisans but an entire Rose Ribbon family. They are currently recruiting new artists for 2012 and encourage interested sellers to visit the website for application instructions. “I look forward to adding more artists this year while inspiring people to stay in touch with all the little things they love in life.”

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Burbank Helps One Business Owner Save Horses

Dec 11, 2011

Wendy Kathleen Photography

Inside Magnolia Park’s Toadstool Farm Vintage lies soft palettes of sweet yellow, hanging chandeliers glistening off the vintage china, spicy scents lingering from burning candles, romantic tunes dancing in the air, a sprinkle of magic and one misfit holding onto the dream of keeping her fairytale horses.

Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly opened the store in Burbank at the beginning of August 2011, and has currently accumulated a large and loyal fan base that is now standing behind her as she struggles to keep her family of horses together. After years of desperate struggle, Jacqueline was forced to put up two of her four stallions for sale, but with a lot of brainstorming, and the faithful band of Toadstool followers, a hopeful raffle was born.

Tickets are now on sale until midnight December 31st, and every ticket purchaser is a winner. Buy a raffle ticket and enjoy a thank you card and signed 3x5 print of her art. Different levels have been set up to purchase from and each level will have their own drawing. Then each ticket will be replaced and a grand prize winner will be pulled, which entails a fairytale photo shoot or photos with one of the Toadstool Farm horses.

The prices for tickets range from $10.00-$250.00, but the gift of giving Jacqueline her horses back is the greater prize in the end. As Christmas sits just around the corner, Burbank is pulling together to fulfill the act of giving this holiday season. To buy a raffle ticket and see the prize levels, click here.

Jacqueline has one more trick up her sleeve in order to save her family, and that is with the Adopt-A-Toadstool Farm Horse Program. For as low as $5 a month, you can adopt a Toadstool Farm horse and receive a certificate of adoption and access to that horse’s exclusive blog, told from the horse’s point of view. To see all adoption levels and to purchase an adoption package, click here.

Give the gift of family this Christmas for Jacqueline and for yourself. Adoption packages make for great holiday gifts for horse lovers, and it safe to know that your donations go directly to the Toadstool Farm fairytale horses.


Dark Delicacies Dec. 18th @ 2pm


Upcoming Events at Tony's Darts Away


Towns Burr Gallery Open House


Handmade Holiday Boutique


33 Rooms Features Photographer, Gregory Reeves

Dec 2, 2011

Burbank Native, Gregory Reeves has teamed up with local fashion stop 33 Rooms at 3318 W. Magnolia Blvd. to showcase his artwork. Holly, owner of 33 Rooms, is a huge supporter of local artists and the emerging talent that spurts fruitfully in town. She has a special magnetism to what’s hip and ahead of the trends as her clothing store is bursting with stylish articles that range from vintage to brand new. She even has a sprinkling of funky jewelry and other accessories worthy of checking out!

Please enjoy this beautifully written bio written by Rebecca Wright:

Gregory picked up a simple Polaroid camera, started shooting back in 2007 and hasn't stopped since.It was obvious even then to the people around him that Gregory had a special eye for the immense levels of life surrounding, and it wasn't long before his grandfather gave him his first Canon FT QL, which is also the camera Gregory will often be found using even today. 

Compelled to show his view of the world, he took off on his bicycle to document the streets of Los Angeles, capturing anything from a whimsical Chinese lantern bobbing overhead in the breeze of Chinatown, to a gruesomely exhausted transient napping on a sidewalk.There is a certain purity found in his photographs that draws the eye to take a closer look, to understand the story that is found within them.

Greg's passion for life is sewn beautifully in the stills he produces and the future ahead of him shines brightly in the eyes behind the lens. When asked what he wants his photography to accomplish Gregory answered simply, " I want to expose the world for what it truly is. I want to show people what they cannot see alone. I want to free their minds of barriers."

Gregory has teamed up with Burbank's local fashion stop 33 Rooms on Magnolia Boulevard to showcase his artwork. Holly, owner of 33 Rooms, is a huge supporter of local artists and the emerging talent that spurts fruitfully in town. She has a special magnetism to what's hip and ahead of the trends as her clothing store is bursting with stylish articles that range from vintage to brand new. She even has a sprinkling of funky jewelry and other accessories worthy of checking out!


Burbank Actor Gets Spicy!

Nov 21, 2011

Daniel Samonas, Rose Ribbon Featured Artist
Have you ever wondered what TV and movie actors do on their spare time?  Surely some do absolutely nothing but shop in designer stores and hit every club on the Sunset strip, awaiting the next big break.  Although that is the case for most, one Disney channel actor has found a more productive way to refine his creativity when off the set.

Burbank local, Daniel Samonas, who began acting at the age of 5 and modeling at 11, is best known for his recurring role as Selena Gomez’s former boyfriend on Wizards of Waverly Place, and his guest-star appearances on Entourage, Hannah Montana, CSI:New York, Without A Trace, iCarly, and Zoey 101.  But when Samonas is not on the big screen playing in hit TV shows, he is expressing himself through the art of carpentry.

Samonas with co-star Selena Gomez
 Daniel grew up learning about wood crafting from his father, whose trade is carpentry.  His strong curiosity and amazement of his father’s work influenced him to try it up as a hobby.  “I’ve always had so much respect for him and his work, as well as his creativity and ability to visualize what he wants to shape or create,” says Samonas.  Although Daniel performs the trade as a hobby, his father is completely supportive of his career path and passion for acting.  “He knows it’s what I love to do,” adds Samonas.

Daniel started his own line of custom made spice racks from his company Freedom Wood Designs.   The racks are customizable and make for great holiday gifts.  Choose from two tier or three tier, Natural Cedar or Mahogany stain, and flat back for mounting on the wall or a lip back style to fit snugly on countertops. The racks hold between 12-18 bottles of spices and range from an affordable $31.99-$36.99.  “I wanted to make something people would feel proud as giving as a gift,” says Samonas.
Two tier rack in mahogany

The handmade spice racks were recently picked up by a Burbank gift website that sells handmade quality gifts, photography, and art, called Rose Ribbon.  Although the website is based out of Burbank, the site features artists from all over the country.  Samonas has just been released on their site as the new featured artist, and have all of his custom spice racks available for purchase.  “I’m so grateful that Rose Ribbon has taken an interest in my work, which really did start out as a hobby,” says Samonas.  “It has been quite an experience, and somewhat relaxing and therapeutic for me with the whirl wind of ideas, characters, and concepts non-stop in my head.”
Three tier rack in cedar

You can watch Daniel in the upcoming and highly anticipated film, Brother’s Keeper, which has a release date for fall of 2012.  Samonas who stars in the film, can be seen in the action packed trailer at www.brotherskeeperfilm.com.  In the meantime, check out RoseRibbon.com for the star’s wood spice racks, and check back soon for new items from FreedomWood Designs.


Madison Tattoo Shoppe

Nov 16, 2011

Burbank has everything from fine dining, five star restaurants, bars, a comedy club, and movie studios ranging from Disney to Warner Brothers, making it the media capitol of the world.  But one thing is missing from this main stage city, and it is a trend that dates back to ancient history and leads up to the modern day generations.  Burbank doesn’t have a tattoo shop!

Burbank may not allow ink within its boundaries, but one North Hollywood tattoo shop made sure it’s doors were as close as it could get.  Down the lovely Magnolia Blvd., just a couple of blocks past the Burbank border, lies Madison Tattoo Shoppe, owned by the famous and beautiful, Madison Stone.  Stone and her business partner Dave Grinds opened up the shop five years ago.  “I would’ve put it in Burbank because I love Burbank, live there, play there, and appreciate it there,” says Stone.  “So I’m as close as you can get.”

While the yoga studio is next door, some have mistakenly walked into Madison’s shop ready to workout due to its calm nature and Japanese art and stylistic choices.  Gorgeous artwork lines the earth green walls, colored lanterns hang from the ceiling, and the entire shop breathes peace and tranquility.  “I am inspired by daily life great people, beautiful art, food that makes you make a sound once its in your mouth…the Great Wall of China, and how the Japanese get married in red dresses,” says Stone, whose personal illuminations reflect the shops style.

Madison Tattoo Shoppe has always been about good people, good karma, and good times.  The spacious interior and allows for family and friends of the customers getting tattooed to enjoy comfortable sitting next to the artist working, a pool table, and an outside patio with seating and greenery.  Stone plans on expanding the shop by adding the location next door and giving her shop even more space than it already has.

Each artist is known for their respectful personalities and unique characteristics.  Upon entering the lobby, you can view each artist’s portfolio and choose a style that is just right for you.  While Madison is the only female artist in the shop, all the men are welcoming, accommodating, and thrilled to tattoo each and every customer.  Don’t be surprised to be greeted with an array of smiling hellos when entering. No matter what you are looking for, Madison Tattoo shop has it all: Black and grey, color, new school, old school, traditional and neo-traditional Japanese, as well as cosmetic tattooing and scar coverage.

Owner and tattoo artist, Madison Stone, received her first tattoo after moving to London straight out of high school in which she lived in a flat with four tattooed boys from Northern Ireland.  “They were completely covered in tattoos and I could barely understand a word they said.  I was completely intrigued,” adds Stone.  “I immediately went and got tattooed in Camden Market by a guy named ‘Bugs’…I found it to be a great avenue of self expression for me.”

When Madison moved to Los Angeles, she began apprenticing to pierce and is now highly regarded as a Master Piercer with an actual piercing named after her.  The Madison piercing goes through the skin at the front of the neck using a surface bar or flexible barbell style jewelry. When she first began tattooing, the ink world was stereotypically dominated by men. “I was looked down upon, talked down to.  People didn’t think a woman could have the ability to be tough enough, take care of business, and live the life,” says Stone.  Thirteen years later, Madison now owns her own shop and is an inspiration to female tattoo artists and business owners everywhere.

Location: 10500 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood, CA, 91601
Hours: Daily 11am-9pm
Phone: 818-760-0127