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Apr 24, 2012

Magnolia Blvd. is full of art galleries, and handmade boutiques, but a new store has opened up on the strip, allowing the customer to now become the artist.

On February 28th, Silene Flores opened up A World of Color, a unique specialty store that allows people of all ages and artistic backgrounds to come in and get in touch with their creative side.  With an array of ceramics pieces to choose from, this new Burbank gem, is the go to place for a handmade gift for any occasion, whether you want to paint a piggy bank shaped like an airplane for a children’s birthday, or customize a platter as a house warming gift. 

“Every year since I was a little girl, my mom would put me in a class to learn something: wood, metal, crafts,” says Flores, who found her true passion in the art of ceramics. Although her love for the craft is evident, Flores is also a big fan of Burbank, and is very thankful to have opened a store in the city.

Even with no creative background, A World of Color makes everyone who walks through their doors feel like an artist.  In fact, they welcome any age, as long as they can hold a paintbrush.  The studio is very child friendly, with an assortment of fun items that kids will enjoy painting including dragons, motorcycles, mermaids, teddy bears, airplanes, sharks, and more!  Flores, who molds all of the ceramic pieces by hand in the store, adds new items to enjoy every week.

Once in the studio your first step is to choose your ceramic piece.  Now it’s time to fill your palette from their assorted rainbow of high quality paints.  Pick a few sized paintbrushes, maybe a stencil or two, and you’re ready to get to work.  Let’s not forget to mention the great prices! The studio fee is only $6 for adults and $3 for kids and all items range from just $7-20.  If you thought that was a good deal, just wait!  On Wednesdays, the studio fee for kids is waved, and not to mention Ladies Night Out.  Except A World of Color celebrates ladies EVERY Friday of the month with a waved studio fee as well.

A World of Color is excited to be a new venue for families and children of Burbank to go to, and is now striving to be a hot spot for children’s birthday parties, which you can choose to have at the store, or have the store come to you. “We noticed that the people that live here are very welcoming.  I love that and I want to thank everyone.   I hope people will come stop by the store and have fun painting with us,” adds Flores who is planning on putting together a summer kids camp and getting involved with the neighborhood.

A World of Color
3421 W. Magnolia Blvd.
(888) 551-3581


Jacq said...

Thanks for another great blog about our wonderful street! Whats the address for this new shop? You didn't post it in the article. :)

Meier Frank said...

Hey Ashley you are a great creative girl & your store have a nice collection with own things. I will visit your lovely store whenever I come there. Keep Good Working :)

Anonymous said...

3421 W Magnolia Blvd,
Burbank, CA 91505